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Junior School Holiday Programme

Holiday Programmes

Albany Tennis Park school holiday programme is a fun half-day programme, where kids make friends on the court and better their tennis abilities.

We focus on maintaining the level of each child by putting them in a specific group based on their age and ability, each coach knows what they need to do to help the child succeed and on the last day of Holiday Camp (Friday) we run a mini-tournament round-robin style.

For more information and booking phone (09) 414-5530 ext: 2 or e-mail office@tennisnorthern.co.nz

Red Stage (age 5-8)

The red ball is larger than a yellow ball and doesn’t bounce as high (just 25% compression), making it a breeze for even the youngest players to hit comfortably.  The courts and nets used in the Red stage are much smaller making it easier for kids to move around and enjoy success.  Red level players may

Court size: 3 m × 8.23 or 6 m × 10.97 m
Tennis ball: red ball (25% compression)
Recommended racquet size: 21 -23 inches

8.30am to 1.00pm

Pricing: $50 per day

Orange Stage (age 8-10)

After mastering the Red stage, children move on to the Orange stage where the ball bounces a little higher (50% compression) and the court is a bit bigger. Orange players play over the regular net on a three quarter length court.

Court size: 6.4 m × 18.29
Tennis ball: orange ball (25% compression)
Recommended racquet size: 23 – 25 inches

8.30am to 1.00pm

Pricing: $50 per day

Green Stage (age 9+)

The ball used in the Green stage has a higher compression than the Red and Orange stages (75% of a yellow tennis ball) and children play on a full-size court. Green players may be older children who are new to tennis or players of a good standard who have progressed through the Blue, Red and Orange stages.

Court size: 10.97 m × 23.78 m (full court)
Tennis ball: green ball (75% compression)
Recommended racquet size: 25-27 inches

8.30am to 1.00pm

Pricing: $50 per day

Silver & Golds (age 11-16)

A full-size court with a fully pressurized ball is used, with our Silver and Gold stage. Players who have progressed through the Hot Shot stages or beginner teenagers will play within the giant stage.

Court size: 10.97 m × 23.78 m (full court)
Tennis ball: yellow ball (100% compression)

8.30am to 1.00pm

Pricing: $50 per day