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Tennis Xpress

Learn to play the easy way

Tennis Xpress is a fun, innovative way of teaching tennis to get players started. It has been developed to help adults into the game by removing many of the barriers associated with learning the sport.

The aim is to get you playing the game quickly by using lower pressure balls, flexible court sizes, simple scoring and simple technical teaching, all which promote a successful learning environment where players gain confidence, skills, and have fun as they serve, rally and score!

Course Structure

Tennis Xpress is a program for beginners.

This covers adults who: Are complete beginners to tennis i.e have never played tennis before. Who have received basic coaching but have never played the game outside of a coaching environment and beginners returning to tennis after a long absence

Courses run during the school terms and bookings are taken term by term.

One 1.25 hour lesson per week.

Covering basics such as learning to score, techniques of groundstrokes, volley and serve. Tactics for both singles and doubles. Whether you’re doing it for yourself or with the aim to play with your child, by the end of the course you will be able to play competitions as well as rally, meaning you can help the development of your child’s game.

Green vs. Yellow Balls

Recent studies show that by using a slower ball: error counts are reduced meaning longer rallies, Tactics can be implemented more easily than with a yellow ball, Techniques can be developed at a faster rate meaning quicker improvement

Term 1, 2024: 30th January to 14th April
Term 2, 2024: 29th April to 7th July
Term 3, 2024: 22nd July to 29th September
Term 4, 2024: 14th October to 15th December
Tennis Xpress

Tennis Xpress at Albany Tennis Park

Monday evenings:  7:30pm – 8:45pm
Tuesday mornings & evenings :  9:15am -10:30am , 7.30pm-8.45pm
Wednesday evenings:  7:30pm – 8:45pm
Saturday mornings: 10:00am – 11:15am

Tennis Xpress is $31.50 per class, paid in advance and booked for the term, no casual classes are available.

Tennis Xpress at Forrest Hill Tennis Centre

Monday evenings:  6:30-7:45pm
Thursday evenings :  6:30-7:45pm

Tennis Xpress is $28.00 per class, paid in advance and booked for the term, no casual classes are available.

Sessions will be cancelled if there is rain within 2 hours of the session taking place.

To register for Tennis Xpress at Forrest Hill, contact John Pang at john.pang@agiletennis.co.nz